The Shady Legacy of Gateway Church: The Apostolic Lineage of Olen Griffing, Jack Hayford, Jimmy Evans, and Robert Morris


Vivian and I were recently had a wonderful discussion with Chris Rosebrough and Dr. Bruce Ware on the apostolic movement. During this discussion, we mentioned our experiences with Gateway Church (Robert Morris) and Trinity Fellowship Church (former Jimmy Evans) and had a passing mention of their association with the early apostolic movement. Our association was also mentioned in the American Gospel roundtable discussion. By request, we want to provide to you with a researcher’s notebook for you all to further research. The following document is to provide researchers and those interested in Gateway Church with historical facts and information relevant to its history and legacy with the apostolic movement. This document is not to be read as a cohesive history but as a breadcrumb trail for others to carry on this research. This information was readily known as Evan was a part of these churches since the 1990s. As researchers, it is imperative that we do not proclaim guilt by association; rather, we desire to allow others to formulate options based upon first-hand accounts. The following document strives to provide this information to you. Much more can be discussed beyond what is merely presented here; however, that is outside the scope of this document. We do not anticipate writing anything further on Gateway Church, though we have much more to say, and will allow others to carry this onward. This document began as a cohesive history or an academic article, but given the recent interest in Gateway, we made the decision to forgo writing an academic-level history and quickly release a researcher’s notebook without much academic flavoring. Is Gateway part of the apostolic movement of churches? Let’s let history decide.

Article Link: The Shady Legacy of Gateway Church – The Apostolic Lineage of Olen Griffing, Jack Hayford, Jimmy Evans, and Robert Morris

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