A Note on Gateway Church and Robert Morris


Although our posts here are infrequent, we want to offer our insights on Robert Morris and Gateway Church, drawing from our experience as former leaders familiar with many of its leaders. In light of recent inquiries, particularly today’s surge, we find it necessary to communicate several key points we believe will be significant in the forthcoming days and weeks.

While the revelation of truth is a cause for joy, we must refrain from taking pleasure in Robert’s downfall, as scripture advises against such attitudes (1 Corinthians 13:6, Proverbs 24:17-18). Judgment for Robert’s egregious actions lies with the Lord, yet this moment also calls for introspection of our own transgressions and the redemption offered through Christ. Our prayers are with Robert, hoping for his genuine repentance and turn towards Christ. We desire for the dissolution of the Gateway network, redirecting all resources to the victim of this exploitation. It’s imperative that we pray for the victims’ healing and recovery, entrusting her restoration to the Lord’s compassionate care.

We urge patience towards Robert’s defenders, who remain under the spell of deception. Our judgments will not convey Christ’s truth to them; only the Lord who enlightened us can do the same for them. Let us maintain our focus on imparting the authentic gospel of Christ, as it is the sole path to truth.

To those now seeing clearly, extend your patience. It is natural for them to experience anger, just as we all did upon realizing our own deception. Accompany them with both truth and grace, introducing them to the genuine Christ. Their theological understanding will require complete dismantling and reconstruction based on truth.

Vivian and I are profoundly grateful for the emergence of this truth. Be aware, this is merely the beginning; the deceptive practices within Gateway are extensive and complex, distinct from other NAR-affiliated networks. Should you seek support or theological advice in aiding those transitioning away from Gateway, please reach out. We are intimately aware of the journey out of deceit that these folks will soon traverse.

In the days to come, let us pray for everyone involved. The unfolding of truth relies solely on the Lord and his kindness.

Drs. Evan and Vivian Pietsch